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Netflix’s Splinter Cell Animated Title: Everything We Know So Far!

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is one of the best franchises published by Ubisoft. Character Sam Fischer is a fan favorite, and fans are counting on another installment of the game. But there is a moment for a surprise for them as an animated title is currently in development, and it will release on Netflix.

So this is none than a surprise for the fans as they were counting on another edition of the game but eventually got the animated series based upon the events of Splinter Cell. The mechanics and dynamics are pretty ahead of the time as the game was released in 2013 and still competing with the current generation of games.

Production Phase

Currently, the project is considered over the board, and current scenarios won’t let the production process happen in smoother transitions. Covid-19 almost crippled the TV industry, and thus, as a resultant, there is a sudden halt on the filming or publishing such titles like Splinter Cell.

Source: Variety

Expected Release Date

Suppose the project got the green light for further production phases, and there are no such restrictions regarding the scenarios of the pandemic. Then all is left are assumptions regarding the release date as there is no such official confirmation by the board. Considering the current scenario, animated titles won’t take too much time as it skips the part of filming, and thus, only voice recordings proceedings are concerned. But still, we are ruling out the possibility of an early release, and the series could land on Netflix next fall for sure.

Splinter Cell- Whats All About? 

Now the major factor which decides the outcome of the series. Will there be a new storyline which was never witnessed by the fans or some plot from the game series. We can’t be sure regarding this section as it could be backfired at any moment, and we could face a setback after the release. So there is no idea about the storyline of the series.

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