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Nebraska Man Who Tied Knot With His Own Daughter Had Pleads No Consent To Attempted Incest

A 40-year-old Nebraska man who married his daughter pleaded no contest last week to attempted lewdness after agreeing to a similar deal in a neighboring county.

40-year-old Travis Fieldgrove is listed to be sentenced in Adams County next month. He had been sentenced to two years in jail earlier this year in association with the agreement he made in nearby Hall County, where he lived.

Fieldgrove and his adult daughter Samantha Kershner were married in Adams County last year after detectives started to look into their relationship.

Kershner informed the police that she first desired to know the identity of her father about three years ago, and her mother organized a meeting. They had a father-daughter relationship for many years, but it broke during Kershner’s “jealous rivalry with her half-sister,” according to sources. Fieldgrove and Kershner would first become close last year, and it is considered they were wed on October 1, 2018.

DNA examinations determined the two were related, and both were taken in custody for incest in January.

“Evidence leading up to the arrest hints that Fieldgrove and (the daughter) were conscious of the biological relationship before being intimate, and further shows that they immediately married one another after being informed of the investigation,” Grand Island cops stated at the time, according to sources.

Fieldgrove’s lawyer Jeff Loeffler earlier said that his client “suffers from brain damage and is not a ‘high-functioning’ person.”

Samantha Kershner evaded time behind prison by pleading no contest to decreased charges of misdemeanor false reporting. Samantha Kershner was given nine months of probation.

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