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Motherland: Fort Salem: The Supernatural Drama Series Restored For Season 2

It seems like the kickass ladies are all set to gain their freedom back in Motherland! Yes, you guessed it right the popular show Motherland: Fort Salem is all set to return and narrate their stories further. Let us look into the details of the potential second season.

Motherland: Fort Salem Has Been Renewed For Season 2! Here’s What We Know.

The show has been renewed for a second season and the announcement came just one day before the finale of season one. The story is set in an alternate reality where a group of witches ended their history of persecution but this comes with a condition! The condition is these witches strike a deal with the US Government and have to fight for their country with supernatural weapons and tactics. The story that follows after is something worth your attention.

The Show Creator Has Expressed His Gratitude On The Renewal Of The Show.

When the news of the renewal became official, the show creator Eliot Laurence thanked and expressed his gratitude for the chance to explore the world of Motherland even further. He further thanked the network and the fans who have made all this possible with their immense support and love for the show! He also thanked the witches!

Another big news related to the show is that Freedom announced that Lyne Renee, aka General Sara Alder, will be a series regular from Season 2 onwards. This is indeed great news as Renee was technically a recurring actor in Season 1, though she appeared in nine of the season’s 10 episodes. So we are waiting to see more of Sara Alder from this season.

The Second Season Is Renewed Before First Season Finale.

The show is being penned down by Laurence, with Laurence, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Kevin Messick serving as executive producers. Steven Adelson, Erin Maher, along with Kay Reindl, and Bryan Q. While Miller will also serve as executive producers on the series as well.

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