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House Of Cards Season 7: Will Fans Get The Next Season For This Political Drama Soon

House of Cards Season 6 did well on streaming giants, and it was considered as the final season of the show. So what about a potential season 7, which was speculated after Season 6. We have all the information about Season 7 of House of Cards.


If we are talking about the renewal of the series for another season, then we have bad news for you as there is no official confirmation from the makers. So currently, fans should not think about the possible seventh season as it will be a dream than a reality. Some reports suggested that the show got canceled after season 6, so there will be no Season 7 in the future.

House Of Cards Season 7: Get Every Detail On Its Premiere Date ...
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Cancelation Reasons

However, there are no such fixed reasons for the cancellation of the seventh season. As it would be easy to say that showrunners want to speculate be much darker. So they are not giving any update about the cancellation.

It is also reported that accusations against leads for physical assault could be a major reason to withdraw any kind of attention. One of the significant reasons is also the diverging plot of the series as the plotline getting more complicated through the exit of some potential characters.

Chances of Renewal

However, Cancellation and Renewal are the fundamental entities of the show, and it doesn’t mean that a show can’t be renewed after cancelation. Likes of Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls risen from the ashes. Even popular series Black Mirror was about to diminish, but it got improved and regarded as one of the best series ever made. So for House of Cards, there will be an exceptional case that it could not be renewed and vice-versa.

Currently, we are expecting any update from the showrunners that there will be another season or not.

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