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‘Money Heist’ Part 4: Netflix Premiere Date And Fan Predictions

You heard now that La Casa de Papel / Money Heist was one of the shows which dominated Netflix last year. It was number one in Europe, and now we all sit and wait for part four. All rumors were put to rest since Netflix dropped a trailer to report the new season date. So when are the fans able to expect it?

Because everybody should look forward to something in 2024, Netflix shared its La Casa de Papel trailer in early December. On 3 April 2024, the show will be back in the spring, and the audience is told to brace for one thing: CHAOS.

What else would the end of Part 3 be? The professor declared war, and that’s not going to be an easy and dirty job. Fans of Money Heist, you know how the team works.

#1. Tokyo Might Ruin Someone’s Life

The women on this show will fight, prepare, and carry out the badassery that is necessary for heists. But Tokyo is sometimes so impulsive and careless that it threatens the lives and operation of people.

To this end, social media followers already postulate that she does something to mess things up in part four and either has someone killed, hurt, or arrested.

#2. Nairobi Might Survive

Look, in the scene where Nairobi was shot, stuff didn’t look right. It was in the chest blood from her mouth was gushing, and she didn’t wear a jacket!

But fans cross the fingers that a contingency plan has been put in place to save their lives in the same way that the team was able to stabilize her.

#3. Berlin’s Girlfriend Might Show Up

We were introduced to his girlfriend, Tatiana, in these flashbacks with Berlin / Andres. She was committed to all the heist schemes and can help or destroy anything the professor cooks next to the squad. Some fans believe they’re going to make an appearance, while others insist that Inspector Alicia is Tatiana.

Nonetheless, in the volatile situation that started at the end of season three, Tatiana could show up to be an asset if she was not for the cause.

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