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Horrific Moment A Son Founds His Mother Drenched In Blood At His Home

A search is underway following a startling find inside a house in Philadelphia’s East Germantown region.

According to the source, on Sunday, a grandma was seen lifeless around 10:15 a.m. on the 5900 blocks of North Norwood Street.

The people who first saw the body of a woman was her son and two grandchildren, the authority tell.

On Sunday night, a sentimental family meeting just days following Christmas, cherished ones assembled at the house to grieve the loss of a mother and grandmother bystanders call Ms. Gwednolyn.

The image of a victim was put on her porch and enclosed by candles.

‘She was a God-fearing lady,’ neighbor Tynithia Smith stated.

The next-door-neighbor states the victim’s young son arrived on Sunday to home about 10 a.m. while he was informed by his 4-year-old twins to see on his mother.

Smith told, ‘Her grandchildren, which are 4-year-old twins, her son’s kids, got her. They came downstairs and said, ‘Daddy, Grandma is upstairs asleep with her eyes open.’ So he went upstairs and opened his mom’s gate. And he said 2.2 seconds, he just ran.’ Her son quickly rang 911.

The officials instantly came, but bystanders in East Germantown state they recollect learning a gunshot on Saturday night a minimum of 12 hours before the body was found.

Smith said, ‘It’s a disgrace. A disgrace.’

There is no captures have been made, and no evidence has been obtained if anyone with details is being urged to talk authority.

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