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Miley Cyrus Reveals The Reason Behind Getting Sober 6 Months Ago

Miley Cyrus has always remained in controversies and has never been ashamed of whatever she has done. She is one of the boldest persons among the Hollywood celebrities we will come across.

Once An Addict, Now A Sober

We know that the singer, as well as a songwriter, has delivered so many hit singles and songs, which are favorites among her fans. And the task of a singer is not at all an easy job because it requires you to sacrifice a lot, especially on the part of what you eat and drink.

Miley Cyrus
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But Miley had always followed what she wanted and was an addict of alcohol products. But it was continually affecting her health and voice. And finally, she decided to quit consuming it but couldn’t stop herself for a more extended period. And the singer just a few days back revealed that she had been sober for almost six months now and is very much in a controlled position.

When Did Cyrus Decide To Become A Sober?

All this happened because Cyrus went for a vocal surgery after her vocal cords got completely bad and getting a surgery done was the only option left. It was not at all an easy task since it required her not to talk for at least four weeks. And of course, consuming alcoholic products could have been a dangerous task to do.

Since then, the singer is on a sober spree and is maintaining it till now with no intention of going back to consuming it. She further stated that now she is fully confident in herself and has a good grasp of her will with no more consumption of harmful products.

She Also Remembered Her Mother

The actor even remembered her mother a lot during this phase and said she is proud of all the decisions made by her until now. We hope that now the singer remains adamant on her decision and prioritizes her health. We must tell you that Miley does not keep herself behind when it comes to doing something for society.

During this ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic which has put everybody under lockdown, the singer is very active in coming forward and participate in various campaigns for the same.

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