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Miley Cyrus: Nick Jonas To Liam Hemsworth! Complete Dating History

Right now, Miley Cyrus has been enjoying a solo life for the past year after having relationships with Cody Simpson, Katilyn Carter and Liam Hemsworth. But before he could start enjoying the single “Midnight Sky,” Cyrus speculated who he was talking to. From the beginning of the Disney Channel with Nick Jonas on the podcast to his decades-long relationship with Hemsworth, the singer deals with the entire romantic history.

Nick Jonas

Cyrus and Jonas met at a charity event on June 11, 2006, as shown in the documentary Memorial to Go 2009. Their romance continued as the Jonas Brothers performed the first tour of the Earth. After splitting in 2007, they did not confirm their relationship for months before the end of the joint visit. In an extensive interview with Seventeen (via People) the following year, Cyrus revealed that the couple “became lovers and girls the day we met.” Still, but we fell in love with each other. I basically had it for two years 24/7. But it’s very hard to keep up with people. We were arguing. Lots and lots of fun. ”

Dylan Sprouse

Disney Channel’s short romance that went under the radar in some way: according to Cyrus dated The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Dylan Sprouse. He joked about day bodice-ripper on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live during 2008. “We met at his set, I believe and made a date. Then Nick Jonas walked around and it was over, ”he recalled

Who Has Miley Cyrus Dated? - Miley's Exes Including Liam Hemsworth and Nick Jonas

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Liam Hemsworth

In November 2015, almost two years after the combat ended, the couple sparked rumors of reconciliation when Cyrus helped Hemsworth take a dog. In early 2016, Cyrus was again seen wearing Neil Lane’s engagement ring. A Cyrus source reported that people officially said the couple had returned together on January 21st.

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