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Miley Cyrus: New Single Releases This Friday

Here is what we need to know about the new music that Miley Cyrus is going to release soon!

Well, well, well, what person is not obsessed with great music? I mean, everybody is. While the whole world is stuck in the situation of a global pandemic that has been created by the fatal Corona Virus, there is only an option of web series as well as some good music to pass the time.

And at this point in time, our favorite pop star Miley Cyrus has announced to all her fans that she is going to release a new single track called Midnight Sky pretty soon. Isn’t this piece of news so anticipating?

The new single of Miley Cyrus is called Midnight Sky and fans can not wait to hear it!

Back on the 6th of August which was a Thursday, it was announced by the super talented actress as well as a singer on her social media handles such as Instagram as well as Twitter that she is going to release Midnight Sky on the 14th of August.

Miley writes down that she is well aware of the fact that all her fans have been waiting to get some tracks forever and ever but there is no more waiting now because her new song is now finally here.

Here is what Miley Cyrus shared on her social media platforms about the new music!

On her personal Instagram handle, the news about a forthcoming single was a part of a series of quick posts made by the pop star herself. These updates even include an audio teaser which we have linked down below, do not forget to check it out. Then there even was a post along with singer Dua saying that Dua has heard what we have not and this obviously was a way to tease us more about her music.

In the days of waiting that is going to lead up to the announcement of a new track, Miley has come out and teased some new materials and increased our level of already high anticipation by providing us with some of the other clips from her old video of music.

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