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PUBG MOBILE: 5 Alternative Games You Can Play

To say that PUBG Mobile is popular in India would be an understanding. With over 175 million downloads, representing 24% of lifetime downloads, and an active daily user base of over 13 million players, PUBG Mobile was the most popular mobile game in the country. Here are the top five PUBG mobile options in India.

1. Call of duty mobile

When the legendary Call of Duty series finally decided to make its way onto mobile phones, it got it right. The game is highly polished, with solid mechanics, ships with PvP mode, and of course a 100-player Battle Royal mode. There is also more than enough content including weapons, character unlocks, and more.

2. Fortnite

The Fortnite is slightly different from the standard shooter you’ll find on this list. Also, what it establishes is a crafting item that allows you to build walls, weapons, and traps around you. You can also sync your console and PC data to bring it to your favourite skins. The only squeezes? The game requires a beautiful smartphone to run the game smoothly, so mid-range phones can’t cut it. Unfortunately, due to ongoing legal disputes, the game is no longer available on the Play Store. Check out our guide on how to install Fortnite on your phone to put it into action.

3. Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is another very popular Mobile Battle Royal game that managed to hit 100 million maximum daily users earlier this year. A great alternative to PUBG Mobile, the game has a maximum of 150 players competing and is tuned for short bursts of play up to 10 minutes in length. The game is well polished and allows you to create a four-man squad that includes voice chat.

Top 5 Alternative Games for PUBG Mobile after its ban

Image Source: MoroEsports

4. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a bit distinctive as it follows the top-down shot style. This allows 32 players to participate in a battle of at least 3-5 minutes. The best? There is very little waiting time and there is also no lobby. The perfect mobile battle royale game to play in short bursts.

5. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

If you really do PUBG, it may be on your way. Pixel’s Unknown Battleground is pretty much a straightforward PUBG clone with a twist. It uses a Minecraft-style pixel graphics style which gives it a beautiful look.

Additionally, the mechanics and controls are similar to other MOBAs and include adjustable graphics settings for entry-level smartphones. A solid and versatile game, it is worth trying. Looking for even more Battle Royal options? We have added you to our list of the best Mobile Battle Royal games. What’s your favourite option for PUBG?

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