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Michigan Officials Saves Life Of A 3-Week-Old Girl Who Literally Died Due To Choking

A Michigan officer saved a toddler girl from choking

The Michigan family is relieved and grateful after a Sterling Heights police officer retrieved their strangled baby girl last week.

Agent Cameron Matsievsky, a two-year veteran, arrived on the scene and quickly assumed responsibility by turning the three-week-old baby on her stomach and forcing her to remove an obstruction that blocked her passing.

The whole incidence was captured in the surveillance camera

The mother started crying when Matsievsky announced that the baby was breathing and crying.

The officer on patrol security camera captured the whole scene.

Sterling Heights police chief Dale Dvojakovsky said the whole department is appreciating proud of Matsievsky.

The reason behind the choking is not revealed yet.

City firefighters arrived and took the girl to the hospital for the checkup. Luckily, the baby girl is unharmed and healthy. No one is charged in connection with the incident because it is considered an accident. The family thanked the officer and they are highly grateful to him for saving their child.

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