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Messiah: Will Season 2 Ever Return To Netflix?

What would it be like if Jesus returned to earth with us?  It seems Messi will not be returning to the Netflix season2.

Messiah: what is the series based upon?

A January 1, 2024 film with Mehdi Dehbi tells the story of what would happen if Jesus or Jesus came to earth. The not so well-known American thriller series closed just a season later. On March 26, 2024, Netflix canceled the sequel to the series.

In the last episode, something came out of the blue, we saw that the mysterious character has a divine power that implies the return of the dead.

Messiah' Canceled By Netflix After One Season – Deadline
IMG SRC: Deadline

Why Messiah season 2 can be canceled?

There can be more than one factor when canceling serials. If I’m not a Netflix manager, I’m sure you’ll be the first to get accurate and updated information.

Currently, due to the number of viewers, the series can be canceled.
We all know how important it is to see the audience for the season. In the first season, despite a unique script concept and a special direction, the season did not attract many visitors. Perhaps the season could have been advertised well on the market.

Is religious conflict the reason behind the cancelation of the series?

Another reason may be religious conflict. The season represents a different Jesus and also influences the faith of Muslims.

Changing views in the art world can have a profound effect on Netflix and society.

I’m sure all seasons have shot at one thing, to the extreme disbelief of fans that the season is no other run. This is the end.

I love to know if the Messiah had divine powers, or some other trick now, “see.” I think we never knew each other.

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