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Messiah: What Made The Show That Controversial? Here’s Something You Should Know

Messiah season 1 was released on 1 January 2024. Messiah season 1 consists of 10 episodes in total is considered as many viewers as a controversial series. It is considered controversial because the show goes straight to the heart of those of what many believe as sacred religious territory.

Why It Is Regard As Controversy

The show follows the rise of a Christ-like guy named al-Masih, or Arabic for “the Messiah,” and his plan to march 2,000 Palestinian Syrians over the boundary of Israel eventually. A CIA agent is designated to investigate the movement plan by the man, and much of the show chronicles her attempts to figure out whether al-Masih is a spiritual entity or just a bad con artist working to upend the world’s geopolitical order.
The streaming giant tweeted in December 2019 as ‘Who do you think he is?’ alongside a trailer for the series. Muslim fans were quick to criticize Netflix’s rude approach to the show’s religious center and defied that the answer to the question was already made obvious in the series’ marketing elements. It turns out that ‘al-Masih’ does not just say Jesus Christ in Islam. The show is also the name with which Dajjal, or the Antichrist, reveals himself in the Islamic religion, which meaning that Dehbi’s character is already outed as a con from the get-go.

Petition To Boycott The Series

A petition was created to boycott the series stating that ‘This issue is rather painful and making a production like this will only have viewers forgetting the fact that this topic is not fun.’ The petition also stated the series as ‘anti-Islamic propaganda’ and ‘evil.’
American author G. Willow Wilson said that even if the series were primarily designed to be a conversation starter, it was still very “heavy-handed,” to call the main character of the series as al-Masih.
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