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Men Detained For Human Trafficking, Caught After A Victim Was Seen Stealing A Vehicle

Two men have been taken into custody on suspicion of Human trafficking after a woman alleged that they held her against her will.

Men Forced Woman To Clean Their House

James Manford Jarrell, 50-year-old, and Jeffrey Allen Kobel, 50, allegedly forced the woman to clean their home on Roberta Drive, which hosted narcotic deals. Both the men are from Roscommon, Michigan.

The woman eventually fled after several days, but the woman was arrested for stealing a car at around 3 am on Friday.

She alleged to be a victim who had been carried north from Ypsilanti.

Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll said that “She did not know the men up north. She was terrified. She was bothered. She believed her life was going to end if she did not escape.”

The woman had initially tried to escape from the two men but was unsuccessful.

Carroll said that “She had succeeded in getting them to stop at a quiet area. She planned to flee, but one of the men accompanied her to the restroom, waiting outside the door and then took her back to the vehicle.”

The victim’s claim of narcotics at home gave the police the chance to get a warrant to search the house.

After the raid by the MSP emergency support team, the two men were arrested.

On Tuesday, the two men are kept at Crawford County Jail.


James Manford Jarrell is charged with two counts of criminal physical conduct in the first degree and one illegal count imprisonment. The charges are all crimes, and the latter is punishable by 15 years and/or $20,000.

James Manford Jarrell was also charged with being a regular offender, fourth offense, and his bond were set at $100,000 cash surety.

Jeffrey Allen Kobel also faces 15 years or $20,000 fine for the one-count offense charge of illegal imprisonment, in addition to being a regular offender, third offense.

Jeffrey Allen Kobel’s bond was set at $25,000, 10% cash surety.

Both the men are due to appear in court on January 28.

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