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Riverdale Season 5: When Will The Upcoming Season Release? Is It Facing A Delay?

Here is what we know about another season of Riverdale and the remaining episodes of season 4!

As all the fans of Riverdale know that it was meant to end very differently, but because of the pandemic, the final three episodes did not finish, and fans were unable to see them.

As a result of this fact, fans were not able to witness their favorite characters, Archie, Veronica, Jughead as well as Betty finish high school and embark upon their next adventure in life.

There are going to be considerable changes in the show between the fourth season and the fifth one and here is what we know about it!

Even though we did not find any sort of closure from the fourth season of Riverdale, it is happy news to know that it is going to come back for another installment.

Well, some significant changes might also take place while the creators of this show are at their new project.

Our favorite characters are going to get graduated from high school, and there is going to be a considerable time jump!

There will be some massive changes transformations in the next season, and this biggest of them is a huge jump ahead into the future. The creators are opting to fast forward until our gang has finished their studying years.

This fact means that they are not going to turn the show into Riverdale: The College Years. Instead of this, we are going to see Bughead as well as Archie directing through life in their twenties. This news has been more than exciting for the fans of the show.

The creator of the show, Riverdale, Roberto Aguirre Sacas, has also confirmed these widespread rumors, and here is what he has to say about it!

The news about this jump has been confirmed by TV Line, and Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the executive producer of Riverdale, has revealed that they have been talking and planning regarding the time jump. Of course, they know that such things generally happen between seasons because there is a tease at the very end.

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