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Megyn Kelly Returning To Fox News For A Guest Spot on Tucker Carlson’s Show: Tales

After Public tension between former colleagues Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and the new Fox News Host who quit the network in January 2017, they will meet for an interview ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Wednesday night.

Following three years as a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Megyn Kelly contributes to Fox News.

The former Fox News host is sitting at the series Wednesday night for A meeting with Carlson, the host announced Monday. After speaking about writer Ronan Farrow’s statement in his new publication Catch and Destroy that NBC hindered his Harvey Weinstein post, Carlson tells visitors:”There is someone who knows much about NBC this Wednesday night, two nights ago, who’s been part of the TV station for the first time nearly one year after. The deal between the host and the community paid out the remaining 69 million dollars for the 3-year contract, with no non-compete clause, based on sources which were then in touch with all the Hollywood reporter.

Nevertheless, the interview does not mean that Kelly will Instantly resume work for Fox News. “The upcoming guest appearance of Megyn Kelly on Tucker Carlson Tonight was planned and is a one-time occasion weeks ago. Any future changes in the programming we find do not include her,”said Fox News Speaker in a statement.

Amid tension with all the prior Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and the brand new Host Sean Hannity, Kelly left Fox News in January 2017. She’s also Written in her book Settle for much more about her experience with the alleged harasser and former Fox News boss Roger Ailes. Charlize Theron will Portray Kelly in the coming Bombshell film, which reflects Ailes’ Downfall in the media.

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