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Maya Moore Married To Jonathan Irons, Here’s What We Know About The New Couple

WNBA superstar Maya Moore announced her marriage to Jonathan. What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

Maya Moore is married to Jonathan Irons!

Moore was determined that she loved Iron and one way or another the couple would be together. After marrying Iron’s partner a short time ago, announcing that they got married two months ago, which is right after Iron’s release. It is unclear if Moore will return to court. Her work for criminal and social justice reform did not end with the release of Jonathan Iron.

Now, the couple says they will actively work together to help others be wrongly imprisoned or misbehaved by the court system. For now, the happy couple is starting to make a living together. A life for which he had to fight, and withdrew from a system that did him an injustice. There is no way you can spend 23 years behind bars, but if there is any consolation it is that Moore and Iron will work together to save more lives, and that is very important.

How Maya Moore met Jonathan Irons?

Maya Moore is now married to Jonathan Irons, the man she helped free from prison -
source: SB Nation

Maya Moore’s activism in the Iron case started late in their relationship. When she was 18, she was first exposed to family in Missouri who were involved in the prison ministry. He presents Iron’s case to Moore and she approaches him. The two became fast friends and had a strong relationship for over a decade. In 2019, Moore announced to the basketball world that he would be skipping the WNBA season to focus on ministry and outreach. This continued when Moore announced in 2023 that he would once again skip the season and focus on criminal justice reform.

The system knew he had blamed the wrong man, he used his fame in court to raise awareness of his friend’s plight, to work tirelessly on the public stage, and to overcome the court system. The case was again investigated by a judge. This year, the couple finally got their wish. On July 2, Judge Daniel Green overturned Iron’s sentence, saying that in the prosecution’s case, there were a number of problems, citing the alleged fingerprint report. Jonathan Irons was independent after 23 years in prison and he knew who to thank.

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