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Beijing Accuses President Trump Of Tarnishing China’s Image And Russia Also Criticizes Them To Break WHO

Russia And China Criticizing Trump

Russia has joined China in condemning President Donald Trump’s warning to pull the United States out of the World Health Organization over its administration of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump on Monday called the World Health Organization a ‘puppet of China’ before tweeting a letter he had sent to the organization’s chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus threatening to make permanent a momentary freeze on funding from the US.

War Of Words

The US president has been locked in a bitter war of words with Beijing, claiming it covered up the initial outbreak in central China late last year before the disease spread globally, causing economic destruction and claiming lives across the planet.

China Response

China’s foreign ministry’s spokesman Zhao Lijian accused Trump of trying to beat China while avoiding responsibility by bargaining over its international commitments to the WHO.  

Stats of Coronavirus

More than 317,000 people have died of COVID-19 out of nearly 4.8 million infections worldwide, and governments are struggling to contain the virus while seeking ways to restore their whacked economies.

Zhao added the US was attempting to divert from its own inadequate repression and control against the virus.

Trump Blamed WHO

With more deaths and cases in the United States than any other country by far, under-pressure, Trump has blamed the WHO for not doing enough to combat its initial spread.

The only way forward for the World Health Organization is if it can actually show independence from China,’ Trump’s letter read.

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