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Massachusetts Doctor Brutally Murdered His Wife And Also Threatened Her With Scissors


A doctor who belongs from  Dover, Massachusetts is charged with killing his wife. They both were having a great time together, but previously almost broke up among a disturbing string of domestic violence allegations against the alleged killer.

Ingolf Tuerk, 58, is scheduled to be charged Monday in a Dedham District Court in the death of wife Kathleen McLean, 45.

McLean Last Location And Remains

McLean was last seen at her home Thursday and was found near the house Saturday night. Policemen confirmed that they were able to track her remains down using information developed about her possible locations.

A police report revealed that the couple’s marriage broken by violence. Tuerk purportedly intimidated and battered his partner on multiple occasions. He also had a sudden change in himself and shown controlling behavior numerous times.


In January, McLean told policemen that her husband picked her up and threw her to the ground so hard that her shoes were knocked off. In a December incident, the appellant assertedly slammed her head into a headboard and choked her while covering her nose and mouth.

Scissors Torture

Another  horrendous incident involved Tuerk clutching scissors, and telling his wife that he was “king of this castle.” He said she was just a guest, then cut off a piece of her hair. This altercation resulted in her hand getting cut when she tried to stop him.

McLean ended up asking to clear a restrictive order against her husband and didn’t want him prosecuted. Tuerk would take therapy, and the couple would undergo counseling. She said she did it for the sake of their family.

Unemployment- The Root Of The Incident

This happens amid Tuerk’s recent lay-off. He’d formally lost his job with Steward Medical Group in February.

A lawyer for the defendant declined to comment in that section.

Last November, the defendant was ordered by the state lawyer general to pay $150,000 to sort out claims that he’d erroneously announced the Massachusetts Medicaid program.

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