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Spider-Man 2099 Show To Arrive On Disney+ Anytime Soon

Sony’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse ended with all the various Spider-Men coming together. The only Spider-Man missing was Spider-Man 2099. Spider-Man 2099 later made an appearance during the credits of the movie. Now he might get a standalone series.

About Spider-Man 2099

In 1992, Marvel had launched a comic series ‘2099’ imagining how the superheroes will be in the late future. Spider-Man 2099 was a part of this series. Spider-Man 2099 is a cyberpunk thriller based in Nueva York. He is a geneticist who had half his DNA overwritten with that of a spider. He has spidey powers along with sensitive hearing and vision. He has razor-sharp talons in his fingers and toes that allow him to climb the walls. He also has venom in his flanged teeth.

A Sony And Disney Collaboration 

It has been reported that Sony Pictures and Disney owned Marvel Studios are in talks to create a Disney+ show starring Spider-Man 2099.

Rumor Or Truth?

According to Bounding Into Comics’ Mikey Sutton both the production houses are joining hands to create a standalone series of Spider-Man 2099. He said “Spider-Man is coming to television. It just won’t be Peter Parker. I received a phone call earlier this evening letting me know that a Spider-Man 2099 live-action show has been discussed for Disney+. In other words, this’ll be a Sony-Marvel Studios collaboration if it is greenlit with Kevin Feige manning the controls. I know quite little of this property, and while I usually try to dig deeper before releasing a story such as this, this source has been accurate in the past. I will continue to ask around and keep you all updated.”

As of now, this is just a rumor.

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