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Man Throws Money On The Street Shouting Merry Christmas After Robbing A Bank

A person robbed a bank in downtown Colorado Springs on Monday just after lunchtime.

Dion Pascale, a witness, said that He robbed the bank, came out, threw the money all over the place.’

Police stated that the suspect was later identified as 65-year-old David Wayne Oliver. He walked into an Academy Bank branch, alleged to have a weapon in his pocket, and stole cash from a teller. Police have not confirmed what happened after he left, but Pascale stated that the man started tossing money out of the bag and then said, ‘Merry Christmas!’

He was “throwing it after him,” Pascale stated, ‘because the person was right on his tail. What else can you do but get rid of it?’ The man who was following the suspect was unknown. It was believed that the man following the suspect was inside the bank, and he followed the suspect outside the bank.

Bystanders began collecting up the cash and returned it to the teller, Pascale added. But it wasn’t much — the bills were mostly fives and ones.

The suspect walked down the street to a Starbucks and sat down as if expecting for police after throwing the money. Parscale said that ‘it was like he wants the arrest to happen.’

Police arrested the suspect a short time later. He was being held with a bail of $10,000 and is listed to appear in court on Thursday afternoon.

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