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Madonna Disclosed About Coronavirus During Paris Tour

Madonna said she had overcome the coronavirus on Thursday, forcing her to leave the concerts in February and March in Paris. The Queen of Pop said she had tested positive for antibodies, which may mean she had Covid-19, although at the time she said she didn’t realize she had it.

She shares a positive message on her social media account!!!

She’s revealed that she’s not currently sick, When the result is positive for antibodies, it means she had the virus, which she obviously did as she did with many other artists on her show at the end of her tour in Paris seven weeks ago. she was sick.

The 61-year-old star only played one night in Paris on February 22, citing injuries in progress,” before closing the next show. She later closed two more concerts in Paris, the last on her Madame X world tour, in early March after French authorities banned large gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus. At the time, Madonna tells with her fans that we all thought we had a serious flu. Thank God we are all healthy now.

Madonna’s Paris tour dates seem doomed!!!

Scientists are sceptical about the accuracy of various antibody tests that claim a person had the virus. Some cautioned that even tests that meet the informal standards of the United States government could produce false positives. The singer revealed that she had the virus after sharing an article about donating $ 1.1 million (one million euros) for research to find a coronavirus vaccine.

Madonna was among 200 artists and scientists who signed an open letter Wednesday after the coronavirus shutdown, signalling a worldwide review, as her inaugural night concert doesn’t start after midnight, three and a half hours. Along with Hollywood stars Cate Blanchett, Jane Fonda and Marion Cotillard, and a group of Nobel Laureates, she advocated rampant consumerism and a “radical transformation” of economies to help save the planet.

Madonna made a large donation from a fund last week by European Union President Ursula von der Leyen to find a vaccine for Covid-19 from the European Union.

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