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50 Cent Surprises Burger King Employees With $30k Tip

50 Cent surprised Burger King employees with a tip of $30k! What are the updates? Here is everything you should know!

50 Cent surprised Burger King employee!

50 Cents lately amazed Burger King personnel of their Native Queens with recommendations totaling $ 30,000. According to images posted to Star’s Instagram on Tuesday, the 45-year-old rapper, along with social media influencer Jay Majini, shut down the fast-food restaurant’s self-service to massive donations.

50 Cent tips Burger King employees $30K | Fort Saskatchewan Record
source: Fort Saskatchewan Record

The video begins with Majini speaking to employees only through the window, asking employees about their day, and if they think Burger King “is right.” After announcing that he was going to “show them, love,” the Instagram star began handing out bundles of cash to a group of employees, soon to be joined by 50, further shocking the crowd.

What are the more updates on this?

Majini is known for arranging “improper cash deliveries” in New York City and approached the rapper for a possible partnership. The chances of getting closer to home for the 50 percent are good, as he grew up in the near southern neighborhood of Jamaica. As seen on Twitter in a three-minute, two-minute, and two-minute clip, Majini walked up to the window and asked Burger King employees how they were doing. Claiming that he visited “to show them love” in appreciation for their hard work, the affected man asked everyone to gather around the window.

To his surprise and amazement, Majini began to give Bill’s huge shaped stacks. The staff yelled and smiled, claiming they exchanged a handful with the smiling star, who also gave away stacks of cash. A New York Police Department vehicle additionally stopped on the fast-meals chain, and the rapper approached the vehicle, joking with the officers, “I have something for you too! while stacking cash.

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