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Lucifer: Season 6? Number Of Episodes Are Finally Revealed

While Netflix has so far kept the number of episodes for the upcoming season 6 of “Lucifer” a secret, Joe Henderson recently showed the information during an interview with Leisure TV.

How Long Lucifer Season 6 Stand On

Will Lucifer season 6 have as many episodes as season 5 to complete the exploits of the God of the Underworld played by Tom Ellis? This is the question everyone is asking, as production on this sixth and final batch will begin in Los Angeles after the filming of the Season 5 finale on September 24. Recently interviewed by Variety about the possibility of boxing 17 episodes (there is more than one for season 5, which has 16 in total), to reach a fateful 100 episodes, by protesters Joe Henderson and Ildy Modish. He declined to say more about the request. Netflix simply responds: “We cannot comment on the number of episodes.”

While our contributors ask if a crossover between Lucifer and another series is possible during this final salvo, the series’ co-listeners point out that the first wish is to focus on the main characters given the lack of episodes available to them. Hey? The truth is that we have 10 episodes and the characters we have are the ones we want to leave in the genre.” You will understand, although Netflix has not confirmed anything at the moment, everything indicates that Season 6 will consist of 10 episodes, which is not surprising when we know that this is the number of chapters included in Chapter 4 and Season 5, before that.

Lucifer Season 6 Will Consist Of 10 Final Episodes

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Joe Henderson Announce Delay Of Season 6

During the same interview, Joe Henderson revealed another detail, which is for sure for fans of the series (and may well disappoint you at the same time). Due to the sanitary measures imposed on the shootings by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the filming will take longer and the duration of the next episodes will be shortened, so episodes of the first three seasons will be screened, broadcasting on time. American Channel Fox. “We have someone who makes sure that, despite Covid, the episodes are easy to use.

The episodes will be shorter because it will take too long to film everything. You’ve definitely seen it with season 5a, but our episodes are huge [Isles Durant Enosienne 1h Chakun, NDLR. So the season 6 episodes will be shorter than the season 5 episodes and closer to the previous seasons. We really want to deliver the stories that our fans expect and love, but most of all we want to protect the actors and the crew because that’s the most important thing.

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