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Lucifer Season 5: 5 Things That Could Happen In Further Story

Lucifer has been one of the most popular shows on Netflix well bring devil from hell worked out of them, the show recently released their season four and ever, so fans have been speculating the plot line for season five.

Ever since season four of Lucifer ended, where The king of hell decides to move back to hell in the closing scene we see Lucifer sitting on the throne of hell, what could this change bring to the show?

To know more details about Lucifer’s season 5, keep on reading!


Season 5 was officially supposed to get released in the spring of 2024, but we don’t think that would be possible now, looking at the global scenario the show will move ahead of its release date.

Season 5 is supposed to get a release in two-part containing eight episodes each, the first may be released by the end of 2024 if things settle down and the second part will get released in 2024.

We heard that the crew had finished filming the 15th episode and were moving forward to shooting the 16th one when the lockdown was announced, and everything had to be stalled. Looking at this scenario, we assume that the shooting for the first part of the season has finished and only the editing must be left which can be done later on.


Well, this has not been announced officially, but there are rumours that Lucifer can be renewed for a sixth season as well.

However, the fifth season was supposed to be the last season for the show; there has been speculation of WB and Netflix talking about a renewal for the show for the sixth season.

We may get an official statement on this matter once the fifth season is released.

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