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Love During The Season Of Coronavirus: Nurse Coming From Wuhan Accepts Marriage Proposal From Boyfriend

An attendant coming back to her home city of Baicheng,

In China’s Jilin area, subsequent to attempting to battle the spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan got a contacting shock on Saturday, April 11 – a proposition from her long-term beau.

Hai Yuncong, the most youthful individual from one of the primary group of clinical specialists sent to Wuhan from Jilin, was astonished by her beau Zhou Yu, an official with the Baicheng Public Security Bureau, as she ventured off of the transport on Saturday.

“For 70 days, you were sparing lives on the forefront,” Bai said in his proposition discourse.

I’ve been guarding our old neighborhood and wearing comparable defensive rigging and our hearts have been integrated. Today, you triumphantly return, and by the observer of the entirety of the individuals of this city, I propose to you, the courageous woman of my heart.

The proposition was met with a passionate and energetic understanding, as indicated by an official statement given by the Jilin Police, which included that the pair had been dating for 10 years.

Following the unwinding of isolate limitations in Wuhan, an expected 42,000 specialists who went into the previous COVID-19 focal point in January have been getting back, with the soonest bunches withdrawing during the third seven day stretch of March.

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