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Locke And Key Season 2: Ending Explained And Expected Plot For Season 2

Locke & Key has been streaming Netflix from Friday 7 February, and many fans have their way to the dramatic end of the season 1 finale, featuring several big cliffhangers as Dodge (Layla De Oliveira) has been executing her evil plan to stop her being thrown into the Black Door and reveals the true nature of Gabe (Griffin Gluck).

What Happened At The End Of Locke & Key Season 1?

**Spoilers Alert**

Dodge returns to the key house in Episode 10 of Locke & Key with a Shadow Crown and army of shadow monsters she tried to get the keys she wanted from the Locke. Yet, with light-up plastic blades, Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott) threatens Dodge, which shows him that she and her monsters are susceptible to fire.

When Bode hits her, she appears unconscious, and the plan for Kinsey (Emilia Jones) to open the Black Door is to force her into it with the Omega Key she had previously found in her dad’s urn. Scot Cavendish (Petric Jones) and Gabe come to the Keyhouse to carry her bodies and drive her into the Black Gate, scourging them forever with the flag of Dodge.

Or so they think. Or so they believe. In reality, Dodge used a key to make Ellie (Sherri Saum), her former father’s Matheson academy instructor and aunt, her doubles, so the Lockes caught their teacher behind the Black Door.

In a video from Netflix, Cuse indicated that Locke & Key Season 2 would explain Ellie and what’s really behind the Black Door. He said: “They were fooled, and Ellie is now bad, on the other side of the door what this means for Ellie, that Ellie is dead, a ghost, in a halt. Well, that’s a mystery about the 2nd season.”

Expected Plot For Locke & Key Season 2

One thing we expect to see in the second season is the original In the books we discover that back through 1775, a party of rebel soldiers opened the Black Door in the War of Independence, a door to a different dimension. A dark place, plenty of fun. The demons who try to escape this dimension into our world are becoming moaning lumps of metal, which the soldiers are transforming into keys of sorcery.

The soldiers who approached the door were possessed by “tapeworms”-like creatures that tried to avoid being metal. Then these demonic beings combine with their hosts and are continuously hungry for aggression.

You may wonder why adults can not see any of this when it affects them. Because the last guy to make a key agreed in 1942 that whispering iron should be used in World War II, it was a key that stopped a person who crossed the threshold of the keys from actually seeing the consequences of the keys.

In the comics are the Giant Key (which makes you like a giant), the Angel key (that makes you float), the Hercules necklace (that makes you hulk out), the Animal Key (turns you into an animal), the Bitey Key (that opens your teeth), the Timeshift Key (what it says on the tin), and the Moon Key )that opens the moon to make the afterlife a portal).

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