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List Of Games Which Could Adapted For TV Series

However, it’s common nowadays as the games got adapted into TV series and had a positive response from the audience. Likes of Witcher, Castlevania, and many other games, but we have some games on the list, which could be a great addition in the TV industry.

Devil May Cry

Devils have already had anime on its name, but it seriously needs a movie or TV adaptation. In our opinion, a TV series would be better as it covers the origin of Dante vs. Vergil, and even Sparda could feature in it. These things we didn’t witness in the games of the Devil May Cry series.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

We already know the fact that it’s a tactical shooter game, but still, the story of operators will be a great addition to the TV series. Even there are some cinematic videos that enforce the possibility of a TV series, and it could happen in the near future. Tom Clancy’s is pretty popular to develop stories out of the blue. Jack Ryan is the best example of his creation.

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God of War

Now the most-awaited series, which definitely needs a TV adaptation. The story of the mighty God of War Kratos is a very decent in-game series, and if it will be adapted into TV series, then the audience has some serious content to follow. However, his journey from a warrior to becoming a God is more astonishing than any other Games available.

The Norse and Greek Mythology will be truly awesome in the series. However, in the next edition, it is revealed that Thor will be the next antagonist, and he could be accompanied by his father, Odin. So there could be more challenges ahead for the mighty God of War, and there will be much fun than previous installments. Even there were speculations regarding the series and Jason Momoa eyed for the role of Kratos.


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