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Lena Dunham And Brad Pitt Went In A Room Together! Star Reveals The Day

Brad Pitt and Lena Dunham took the internet by storm with a photo of sharing a storm in 2019. The infamous photo of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-stars immediately went viral in the social media, and people thought it was too weird.

During her last appearance on Watch What Happens Life, Lena finally made things clear and opened up about the photo. She reflected on speculation about her friendship with the Hollywood superstar and said that he would never force her to kiss her because he respected her too much.

Lena Dunham on kissing Brad Pitt at Once Upon A Time premiere ...

Source:- DailyMail

Lena And Brad Went In A Room Together?

Later that night, because she knew he was nervous, he took me to a room and secretly ate pizza, and she told him she liked his ring, and he gave it to her. The actress mentioned that she still has the ring, and every time she wears it, something surprising happens to her. Sharing her experience of working with the star, the actress revealed that he is a very kind person who can read the room. And she was super nervous because she was close to many of her idols and made her feel great.

Lena Trying to kiss Brad’s lips on the red carpet!!!

Dunham and Pitt’s seemingly awkward red carpet moment in August caused a bit of a stir on social media after the images Dunham seemed to show trying to kiss her co-actor went viral online. Dunham appeared in the movie Quentin Tarantino alongside Pitt, seen as if he was going to kiss, as the stars posed on the London red carpet.

Photos from the incident show Dunham walking towards Pitt and then kissing him on the lips (which was unsuccessful). Social media users asked to “hit” Dent, with some even highlighting what he saw as double standards for men and women in Hollywood in terms of consent.

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