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Legendary Is Developing A Movie Based On Max Brooks’ Bigfoot Book Devolution

A new movie is in works by Legendary Studios, and here is all that we need to know about it!

Well, well, well, here we have Legendary Pictures who are looking forward to bring our favorite Bigfoot on the theatre screens, that is, develop a film about him. The studio is the one who bought all the rights to Devolution, which is the latest books that have been written by author Max Brooks.

All this time, when the book just got published, Legendary did not waste any second of the time provided to him in getting this story under the process of development in the form of a featured one. Well, the interesting fact in this scenario is that the project has brought everything to a full circle as it ranges back to nearly ten years before.

The name of this new film at Legendary is Devolution, and it has been talked about for nearly a decade now! 

As per the new reports which have come out recently, Devolution has officially been talked about at Legendary. At this point in time, the studios have not found any screenwriter, and it is also not clear if anyone is eyed to make this adaptation a success.

Max Brooks' Bigfoot Horror Book Devolution Is Becoming a Movie at ...

However, as of right now, the production process going on the film is in really early stages while Max Brooks had originally been developing this scheme hand in hand with the studio in the form of a film. This project might get Jack Bender as well as David Leslie Johnson on the ship.

Here is how the development process of Devolution is taking place!

Then later, this whole plan changed its course, and Brooks established his work as a novel. Now that the entire story has been flexed out on paper, Brooks, as well as Legendary, have joined their forces to recognize this tale as a film for the second time. The new reports also say that Bender and Johnson are no longer involved with the project.

This story has been described as a sort of survival narrative as well as a horror tale, while on the other side, it also is a clear pathway into the boundaries that exist between truth and fiction.

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