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9 Career Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

When you work in an international company, you probably have to communicate with the coworker all around the world. Career aspects are countless, and even if you aren’t a master in some languages, only the basic things can make a huge difference. Learning a Foreign Language is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our career options. Sometimes, only a course is separating us from our dream job, so it’s time to give a thought to learn a second or third foreign language – for your own benefit and personal and professional growth.

And when it comes to your career, here are the benefits embracing a new language can have for you:

1. Your CV will be more attractive

Source: Study International

The recruiters and potential employers really appreciate it when the candidate provides proof for the needed skills. If you have listed at least one foreign language, your biography will stand out. Two languages? You are already hired! Probably there will be plenty of candidates with the same level of education suitable for that job position, and it can be pretty difficult to choose one among them. But, if some of them know more languages, it makes that CV be more visible, and the recruiter more interested in that person (you). So, increasing the chances to get hired is only one of the benefits learning or knowing a foreign language can bring to you.

2. It’s good for your native language skills

Source: Fluent in 3 months

Every language has a structure that is already defined, but when you learn another one, you can get creative in the concept of the way you are talking, or how you share your thoughts with others. Your second language improves the skills of your native language, no matter how weird it sounds. As a result, your communication is even better.

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3. You don’t need interpreters

Source: Global Voices

Many fails are a result of the language barrier. Sometimes the interpreters aren’t that good as they say, or they can even translate wrongly on purpose. Don’t be freaked out by that behavior, because some people are really evil when it comes to their job, and they won’t let anyone shine, especially if that depends on them. It rarely happens, but if we write it as a separate paragraph, then we know it happened somewhere. If you know some foreign language, you can easily see if there is some misinterpretation on purpose, or the reason behind that is a lack of knowledge.

4. You will have more job opportunities

Source: Times Higher Education

How many times you liked some vacancy, but you couldn’t apply because you don’t know the demanded language or any foreign language at all. And as we said in some of the previous paragraphs – knowing at least one foreign language can make you a candidate that stands out, and increase your chances to get hired. Also, they may ask you to provide an example of your language skills during the interview, especially if they are looking for someone who speaks a required language.

5. You can build relationships with the other employees

Source: The Grossman Group

A lot of companies have offices all around the world, that should communicate in order to complete the tasks properly. Even though in these companies the official language is English, if you know some language, there is no limit to using it. But, be careful, because those who don’t understand it can make it look like you hide something, so be smart and plan your steps carefully.

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6. You are more likely to complete the tasks on time

Source: Museum Of Knowledge

Since your brain is thinking and talking in more than one language, that gives you more cognitive power to complete the tasks on time, without having any problem while doing that. Also, speaking more than one language is good for your problem-solving skills. There is no visible connection, but your brain is already trained to switch between the languages, so you can easily find solutions even to those problems that cause a lot of headaches in the office.

7. It’s good for your mental health and self-confidence

Source: Simlog

Knowing that you perform well at work is good for your mental health. Many people have personal issues when they aren’t confident enough with their skills and abilities. But, as you know and actively speak a foreign language, your self-confidence is getting bigger every day, and that’s related to mental health. And of course, a completely healthy person is a good worker too – so it’s all connected.

8. More business trips to you

Source: Maritur DMC

Business trips can be boring because you will spend all your time on meetings or courses. But, do you know how important is for your career to take an active part in everything new that is happening at your workplace? And also, do you know that your language skills are the ticket to those meetings and educational days, that will additionally improve your performance at work? Consider learning a new language as an option so you can become better at your job, and discover the world around you thanks to that.

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9. You can get really creative

Source: Michael Pearcey

Sometimes, creativity is the main skill we need to be good at something we work on. Every issue requires two approaches to be successfully resolved – a practical one, and a creative one. And when your brain is programmed to balance between two or three languages, it’s already trained to find creative solutions for everyday issues. And these solutions are sometimes the best, even better than the practical ones. So, go for it, and give that French class a shot – it will be worth it.


As you can see in this article, there are a lot of benefits that can be helpful to boost your overall performance and make you better at work. Creative and dedicated workers are always appreciated among the others. So, it’s your chance to show your worth, but only in companies that will appreciate it. Sadly, there are job positions where it’s not worth showing everything you know. But, you remember? You are capable to recognize the perks and create a perfect balance according to that.

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