5 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Career Growth

We are living in a globalized world where communication has become too easy. The only barrier is language. Therefore, learning a foreign language offer amazing benefits. It not only helps you to connect with people living in other countries but also in your career development. You can apply to multi-national companies and will have a chance of getting a promotion.

In addition to this, you can apply to foreign companies. If you have the relevant qualifications and job experience, you will have a high chance of getting hired. Therefore, if you want to progress in your professional life, learning a foreign language is important.

Getting an online trainer

So if you are interested in learning another language, there are several platforms both online and offline. You can have your online language courses at they have experienced trainers.

In addition to this, you can have lessons for your specific purposes. For example, if you want to learn languages for business purposes or for personal reasons, you will have related teaching. This does not necessarily mean that you will have any difficulty in other purposes but rather you will learn more business-related words. Likewise, if you are learning the language for personal reasons, the trainer will focus on specific diction.

In addition to getting a better job opportunity, you will also have several other benefits by learning another language. These include;

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1 – You will have more job opportunities

If you have fluency in 2 or more languages, you will definitely have some preference. While giving the interview, a person with multi-lingual expertise will get an edge over others. And this is a basic thing in almost all companies especially those related to tourism. A lot of companies have to do international mergers and contracts.

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Even if the company is of national level, it will have a futuristic approach. Moreover, everyone strives for the best and so do the companies. So it might have some international business with other companies and therefore, they will need highly efficient employees.

Source: Inc. Magazine

2 – You will have an edge over other interviewees

If there are 2 people giving an interview and one of them has a bilingual approach, he will have an edge. Therefore, never underestimate the ability to speak different languages. Even if it does not seem to be effective in the company and its functions, but it will give you an edge in interviews.

Furthermore, according to the research studies, around 60 percent of companies fail in foreign trade because of the language barrier. So, if you are giving a skill that other don’t have, why won’t a company hire you?

You can get a higher salary

Survey reports from recruitment agencies show that employees who have multi-lingual expertise, command a high salary. Thus, this ability of yours will let you have at least a 10 percent higher salary. One of the biggest examples of salary raise is the military of the United States. Their military personnel gets a pay raise if they learn another language.

Source: Medium

3 – Better growth opportunities

If you are working in a multinational company, commanding another language will let you have an edge over other employees. So if they need someone in their foreign branch, you have a chance of promotion. If you have the skill, they will make your transfer and you will get a pay raise.

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In addition to this, companies also need translators for the job. So even if you are just proficient in the language, you will still have a chance. And if you get the job as a translator, you will have better future opportunities. Because getting connected to a company is completely different from staying jobless. You gain much experience and you know about the company’s performance and working matters.

Source: Mental Floss

4 – Improves your memory

If you know more languages and you are proficient in them, it shows that you have better brain health. So even if another language is not a requirement, your skill shows that you have better brain health. If you are capable of learning a completely foreign language, it shows that you have a healthy brain. Moreover, it also shows that your cognitive and problem-solving skills are better.

Furthermore, these skills also improve memory. As you work on your brain health and cognitive skills, it will grow stronger. The more you use your brain, the better your brain health will be. This is because while learning, you need to get familiar with the vocabulary and the grammar rules. Thus, it acts as a brain gym. So a person with such skills will be able to recall more information and can work efficiently in the workspace.

Source: The Conversation

5 – Improves your ability to multi-task

Learning various skills allows you to have better brain health and thus, you will have other benefits. And this includes a multi-tasking approach. A person who is capable of shifting from one language to the other has an active brain. Furthermore, research studies support this idea. Thus, learning is always helpful to you in various terms.

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Either you get a direct benefit by securing a better job position or you can have indirect benefits. The indirect benefits include sharpening your brain. Thus, you will be able to spot misleading information. This will give a skillful impression on the interviewer. He will know that you are capable of doing more work than others.

Better decision making

As you will have better brain health, you will be able to do things in a better way. The active brain will have better decision-making. Research studies show that multilingual people have better decision-making skills. They are capable of finding hidden meanings and learning regional expressions. This is because they have to learn a completely foreign thing and in order to master it, they have to pay attention to little details. Thus, you become more confident by paying more attention to little details.

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