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Lady Gaga Has A Too Personal Meaning Behind Her New 911 Music Video

Lady Gaga has a to personal meaning in her new 911 music video! What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know!

Lady Gaga has a to personal meaning in her new 911 music video!

Lady Gaga has released the music video for her single 911, revealing the very personal inspiration behind the surreal clip with a dark twist. Directed with the aid of using Tarsem Singh Dhandwar, a video of the winner of the yr for MTV VMA’s REM’s Losing My Religion, the visual feast features white sand dunes, lip-syncing, slow-motion voguing, and many other costume changes.

But Gaga is shocked to come back to life when she wakes up at the scene of a near-death car accident and takes a dark turn, saying “I don’t have my pills.” The video shows Sergei Parjanov’s 1969 Soviet art film The Color of the Pomegranate and the 34-year-old shed, further highlighting its importance via social media.

Lady Gaga’s song has a mental health inspired message!

Lady Gaga Released the Music Video for Her Song '911,' and It Has a Jaw-Dropping Twist | Glamour
source: Glamour

This Friday turned into described courtesy of Lady Gaga viewing: a surreal track video for “911,” music from her Chromatic album. But the fast movie additionally got here with a charming twist in line with the song’s intellectual health-stimulated message. Under the guise of the film, it translates to Gaga trapped in an arid desert landscape, blindfolded and surrounded by grenades.

This is followed by a mysterious masked horseman, a traveling town, and a beauty scene: an aquamarine mane is transformed into a variety of updo hairstyles, coordinated painter’s eye makeup, an over-glove manicure, and a headdress. One that uses menstruation. Guess. But all of those alluring factors culminate in a budding reveal: The scene is a dream made up of surrounding factors, inspired by Gaga after she was lost in a car accident.

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