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Kylo Ren Spin off Will Be An Animated Series!

Star Wars enthusiasts have been devastated and/or disheartened while Kylo Ren ended their reunion in The Rise of Skywalker, as he seemed to prevent Vader’s disappearance in Return of the Jedi with the character.

There was much to discover. As has been rumored and reported from various quarters, Lucasfilm is known to be desperately fighting over the dirt made from Episode IX, and perhaps one way to do so would be to bring Ben Solo back.

Kessel Run Transmission’s Corey van Dyke these days shared a trendy scoop on Twitter:

Revealing that KRT sources have revealed that the studio is working on some kind of project for Kylo. However, they still can’t say if it’s a movie or a TV show, or it will be set before Force Awakens or after TROS. The reason for this is that it is in the early stages of development at the moment, so the details are being fine-tuned.

It’s unclear which sources shared these industry secrets:

But host Corey van Dyke revealed on Twitter that he had heard that Ben Solo is a character that Lucasfilm wants to develop further ‘and that a spinoff is definitely in the works.’

Van Dyke said that Kessel Run Transmission had not heard anything about whether Kalo Ren’s actor Adam Driver would be involved in the project, suggesting that the title could also be an animated series. Alternatively, some other actor may be solid to play a younger Ben Solo in a live-movement project.

The spinoff is likely part of Lucasfilm’s efforts to revamp the Star Wars franchise, as many fans were disappointed by the release of The Rise of Skywalker. New projects like the Mandalayorian are being used to expand the franchise, and Ben Solo’s story can provide important insight into Kylo Ren’s story.

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