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Kingdom: The Third Season! Potential Storyline Revealed!

The Kingdom is a horror drama, originally released in Korean. Represents the story of political unrest in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Season 1 of this drama was released in January of last year. It was an instant hit due to its unique storytelling method and a very exciting plot.

This success of season 1 was followed by another season, season 2, which came out in March 2023. Season 2 of the Kingdom was also watched by a large audience and received mostly positive reviews from critics. Now the discussion about the next season of the Kingdom is taking advantage of the internet.

Here are the major details which every fan should know regarding Kingdom season 3:-

What is the expected release date for the Kingdom season 3?

Season 2 of The Kingdom has only been released for two months. And Netflix hasn’t updated viewers on the season 3 release date. But it’s clear that we’ll be getting an official update on the Kingdom season 3 release in the near future. Kingdom season 3 is expected to come out in mid-2021. So we have to wait little for any further announcements done.

Source:- The Buzz Paper

What could be the expected plotline this time for the third installment of the show?

So far we have seen that the Joseon dynasty was in the midst of a plague, but the political turmoil between hero and adversary made the situation worse. But in the season 2 finale, these prevailing challenges were solved by the heroism of Chi Chang and his colleagues, but also a sign of future troubles.

In season 3, the Kingdom Prince and the Doctor will try to discover the reason behind the plague CO B and we will learn the most mysterious mystery of this drama. There is also the possibility, as indicated in the final episode of Season 2, that the Crown Prince may be infected with the virus.

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