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Kingdom Season 3: Netflix’s Release Date, Cast, Plot And Other Major Updates

The successful Korean zombie drama series Kingdom will return soon for its season 3. It features a horror story with political hype in the series, which immediately won the hearts of the audience. After their successful two seasons, fans can’t wait for the next season of the series to stop.

So here are all the latest updates for Kingdom Season 3.

The release date of Kingdom Season 3 

A month after Kingdom Season 2 launched on Netflix. It has six 50-minute episodes and is acclaimed by audiences around the world. However, no release date has been revealed for season 3. But if you look at its previous season, it will drop in early 2024. Several series have been postponed due to the coronavirus, from which even the kingdom was unable to escape. Therefore, fans will have to wait a few more months to get a release date.

The cast of Kingdom Season 3 

In the opening phase, we expect Joo Ji Hoon to reprise his role as Rajkumar Lee Parivatrtan. Along with him, Ryu Seung will also appear as Cho Hook-Joo, Bao Donna as Seo-Bee. However, manufacturers have yet to make any official announcements.

The storyline of the kingdom season 3

Directed by Kim Yum-hoo and written by Kim Sung-hoon, the worldwide acclaimed Korean drama Kingdom explores the history of the Korean political period. Where the deceased king rises and spreads mysterious mischief among the people, it is now up to the former prince to stop this spread.

So far, no updates have been revealed about the plot of season 3. We will update it as soon as the new update reaches our ears.

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