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King Arthur RPG: What We Know So Far About Ubisoft’s Canceled Masterpiece

Ubisoft is grabbing more eyeballs nowadays after the reveal of newly Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in its event Ubisoft Forward. Now another even is in the speculations which deeply shows the gameplay of games like Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch Dogs Legion and even Far Cry 6.

But now the matter of concern is that Ubisoft keeps dropping and ignoring other franchises such as Prince of Persia almost vanished. Recently it is reported that Ubisoft dropped an RPG version of King Arthur, which could be a hell of a masterpiece.

King Arthur RPG

Mike Laidlaw, who is famous for his work like Dragon Age, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect, left Ubisoft. It is rumored that he was working on a project that got officially canceled, and officials of Ubisoft blamed the employees for such disaster.

King Arthur’s RPG Avalon was reported pretty similar to Monster Hunter, and now only King Arthur: The Role-Playing Game Wargame is on the game list, thanks to Ubisoft. There are no chances that game could be revived as shifting focus to other games is just usual for Ubisoft now. So if you are counting on the game, then you should forget it as Ubisoft has no plans to make it possible.

This is not the first time when we see Ubisoft canceling the games. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Patriot still not released yet, and there are reports suggesting the game was canceled.

Source: USgamer

Ubisoft’s Focus

Ubisoft is currently focusing on Assassin’s Creed series and despite knowing the fact that other games need attention too. After its lateral entry in the racing games, Ubisoft didn’t make such an impact with The Crew release, and thus, the series could not have its third edition.

The most promising franchise of Ubisoft- Prince of Persia, which is pretty responsible for taking Ubisoft to the next level, is nowhere to be seen. So for the sake of its fans, Ubisoft has to work again on Prince of Persia as the last game The Forgotten Sands was pretty much a masterpiece at that time, and now the franchise needs a revival for sure.

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