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Kardashians: This Toilet Paper Prank Gone Wrong Too Bad!

Sources confirmed that Netizen is very upset with Khloe Kardashian for TP’ing her older sister Kourtney Kardashian’s house on Saturday, especially when there is a toilet paper shortage due to closure. On Saturday morning, Kourtney shared a photo on her Instagram story, thanking sarcastically to her sister for covering her yard with toilet paper.

Kourtney Instagram Story creates controversies again!!

Kourtney shot a video of the patio after that and revealed that she hadn’t had that much excitement in months. This is what came out. This is what Mason and Koko sleep on. It’s cool. She asks her children what they think of Khloe and her 10-year-old son Mason Disick’s joke and then signs revenge saying, okay, next time we think about what to do Going, p.

Now this joke comes at a time when there is a severe shortage of toilet paper and other essentials during the coronavirus epidemic. When people saw Kourtney’s story, they felt that the working class was trying to sustain everyday things while wasting it. Many paid attention to the sisters’ privileged lives and how they would have someone clean the yard to clean themselves.

Toilet paper prank went wrong to bad on Social media!!!

It could have been a classic prank before the crown, but many fans and followers commented that Prank was useless, given the lack of toilet paper.

It’s disheartening that Khloe Kardashian thought it would be fun to go to the bathroom of Kortney’s house during this time when there is a shortage of toilet paper said by one of the users. Not that you care, Kardashians, but our family had to use a McDonald’s napkin for toilet paper last month. Congratulations on being so much more qualified than the rest of us before posting our TP said by one of twitter user.

With that said, Khloe is playing its role in helping those in need during the epidemic. According to the sources, the 35-year-old mother visited several Los Angeles grocery stores to buy food for the elderly, who are at increased risk of contracting the virus. A source even said that she bought gift cards for merchants so they could stock their refrigerator for free.

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