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Trinkets Season 2: Final Season Arrives This August 2024

The creators announced the renewal of the Trinkets in the summer of 2019. The fans waited for really long after the announcement for the release date of season two. But now, the creators confirmed that season two of Trinkets would release in August 2024. If you are one of the fans of this show, here are some updates for season two of Trinkets.

The Trinkets is a teen-drama television show from Netflix. Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer, and Kirsten Smith are the creators of this show.

Trinkets Season 2 Release Date

The creators confirmed the season two of Trinkets on July 2, 2019. The creators also announced that season two would be the farewell of this show. Recently on July 22, Netflix announced that season two would be out on August 22, 2024. Netflix also confirmed that this season would be the end of the show.

Trinkets Season 2 Storyline

The season one of the Trinkets ended with a cliffhanger, which showed the girls were in trouble. The end of the first season already hinted at the viewers for a new season. The season two got the green signal by looking at the viewership of season one, but Netflix also announced that it would be the final of the show. The first season was out in June 2019, which left the viewers with some questions.

If we look at the end scenes of season one, season two seems to be coming with more intensity. In the end scene of the first season, we saw Elodie running away from home. Moe, who never did wrong in her life, ended up with a bottle of Tequila. Season two is expected to cover all the questions from season one, along with it will also show whether the girls ever be recovering from their addiction to shoplifting.

The Teaser of Season Two

Netflix has released the teaser of the Trinkets Season two. If you have not got your eyes on it yet, you can watch it below.