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Justice League Snyder’s Cut: New Image Tease Cyborg’s Origin Story

A newly revealed image of Justice League’s Zach Snyder cut reveals a new scene featuring Ray Fisher’s cyborg.

With the DC FanDome event just a few more days away:

Zack Snyder has shared a never-before-seen image of his Justice League court ahead of the premiere of his official trailer. The image highlights Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone, showing the character before turning into a cyborg.

It’s not really a secret that a portion of the footage originally filmed for the Justice League theatrical premiere ended up on the cutting room floor when Joss Whedon chimed in after Zack Snyder’s departure, so much so that Snyder Accepted up to the 75% of his re-cuts from the movie had never been seen before.

We already know that Darkseid and a black-friendly Superman have been added to the sneer cut much to the delight of fans everywhere, but it also looks like Cyborg will have a much larger role. Actor Ray Fisher has been an outspoken critic of the way the director’s alternate affected his character’s arc, now no longer to mention his public appeal about Whaden’s abusive behavior on set and the people who watch him a lot. New cuts expected.

To assist heighten the excitement, even more, Snyder has begun out a DC FanDome countdown to be hung on August 22:

Yesterday, he shared a picture graph mocking the Hall of Justice. Today, he is lower back with a brand new one, this time relating to Wonder Woman’s mystery identity. In one of the cleanest images in the trailer, Diana cleans up a statue as part of her work in the art world. However, the instant additionally parallels the quilt of the Wonder Woman comedian entitled “The Girl Who Saved Paradise Island.

See the image below:

It might be exciting to look at what else Snyder famous approximately the reduction this weekend. Since the company has never committed an incident of this type before, it is difficult to know what to expect. Also, the Justice League panel will be different from other movies in the DC Extended Universe.

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