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Jennifer Aniston’s Transformation Before Hired For FRIENDS

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most loved actors all around the world. She became a household name after the portrayal of the iconic role on FRIENDS. But before Jennifer Aniston became a household name, the FRIENDS star was hopping around and portraying small roles in various television series. Many fans of the actress wonder why she did not land a good role before FRIENDS happened. Here is everything we know about the transformation Jennifer Aniston went under before she became a part of the well-known sitcom series, FRIENDS.

Jennifer Aniston’s Transformation Before Hired For FRIENDS

Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green was perfect in the eyes of Ross and she was the perfect girl next door. But in reality, Jennifer Aniston had to work hard to get the role of Rachel Green. She had to lose weight and become fit before she grabbed the life-changing role.

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Jennifer Aniston: Saul Austerlitz’s Book On The FRIENDS

Saul Austerlitz has written a book titled Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show that Defined a Television Era, revealing that Jennifer Aniston bagged the role of Rachel Green only because she lost weight and became fit. The actress lost tons of weight before auditioning for the well-known sitcom series, FRIENDS.

Jennifer Aniston: Saul Austerlitz On The Actress

In his book, Saul Austerlitz has revealed that Jennifer was working in television shows even before FRIENDS. Her manager convinced the actress to lose weight to bag better and bigger roles. He told her to lose thirty pounds to survive in Hollywood.

What Else Is Known About Jennifer Aniston’s Weight Loss To Survive In Hollywood?

It has further been revealed that Jennifer Aniston’s manager told her that she was losing out on good auditions and roles because of her weight.

Did Jennifer Aniston Have To Lose Weight?

In reality, Jennifer Aniston was not fat. She just had extra weight according to Hollywood standards. She was always as beautiful as she is today. To lose the extra weight, the actress gave up on eating white bread and mayonnaise. She even started following a diet plan.

Later on, Jennifer Aniston went on to become a household name due to her role in FRIENDS.

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