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Jason Momoa Might Play Dracula In A New Show Soon

Jason Momoa Might Play Dracula In A New Show Soon

A new television series that revolves around vampires is currently armed with a very intriguing premise in development. From what we understand, Dracula will appear in the lead role played by Jason Momoa, according to reports. Every time you think the industry has gone from the vampire genre, a studio tries to revive fashion with a new movie or TV show. However, it seems that this new Warner Bros. TV program will be very different from previous titles with the classic monster, as it is described as a contemporary Dracula meeting, with a compelling female protagonist.

Is it true is Jaso Momoa eyed for Dracula role?

And now, with the warming of the project, even sources reported: ABC is eyeing the star Jason Momoa of Aquaman for the role of Dracula. We say that the network is looking for a powerful, powerful, and sensual man for the purpose.

Of course, most fans would probably agree that the former Game of Thrones star would be as amazing as Dracula, and if the network could include it, viewers would undoubtedly invite the series to their homes. Not to mention that the count is returning late, as well as a successful BBC program available on Netflix.

And now The Invisible Man has become a hit at the box office, a Dracula movie in everyone’s mind right now. There is one in development, and, as we said the other week, the producers are watching MCU star Benedict Cumberbatch for the infamous vampire.

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