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Is Selena Gomez In A Relationship With Niall Horan? Details Inside

Selena Gomez already has a connection with One Direction, as earlier she chooses the band over Justin Bieber. There are rumors of her relationship with one of the members of the band, Niall Horan, for a very long time. Now their fans are in a big doubt if something is happening between both the singers or the rumors are false. So if you need to know the truth, keep reading the below details of their rumored relationship:

Selena Gomez And Niall Horan Did Dinner Together

The rumors of the relationship of both Selena Gomez And Niall Horan again started when they spotted together while doing dinner. This meeting happened shortly after Justin Bieber got married to Hailey Baldwin, so the fans of Gomez began thinking that maybe she is dating Horan. Here’s a post where Selena Gomez And Niall Horan are together:

The rumors were started the first time when One Direction band was active. So it was reported that Gomez and Horan were got very close at Jenna Dewan’s birthday party in 2015.

Both Posted Instagram Stories For Each Other

Earlier, we also saw both of them posting Instagram Stories for each other. Selena shared a story on Instagram in which she was mentioning about the song of Horan titled Nice to Meet Yaa. Horan also shared a story on his Instagram handle, mentioning Gomez.

By seeing the stories of both the singers, the rumors were looking like real, and their fans got very much excited that finally, Selena chooses someone for dating. But still, they did not say that they are dating each other.

Niall Horan Debunked Relationship Rumors

When the fans of Niall Horan started asking him if he is dating Selena Gomez, so he got furious. So he denied that he’s not in a relationship with Gomez and they are very good friends. Both shares the similar group of friends, and they liked to hang out with each other.

Back in 2015, when the first time their relationship rumors appeared, Selena Gomez cleared that she is a perfect friend of Horan, and they are not dating each other.

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