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Iron Man: Every Character Who Can Continue Tony Stark’s Legacy

The American popular Superhero Iron Man is in speculation by the fans about who will be the one to carry forward the Legacy of Tony Shark. The superhero movie is based on the same name character from Marvel Comics. , Marvel Studios have produced the film, and the distributor is Paramount Pictures. The director of the movie is John Favreau.

It is true that as the film has been moving to its phase 4 the fans of the superhero movie has been wondering about who will move forward Tony Shark’s legacy. So you will be happy to know that Marvel has already hinted about the replacement. Read carefully to find out.

Who Is Going To Be Tony’s Replacement?

While all the other character’s replacement surgery has been revealed, Tony Shark is the only one left who’s the character has not been declared for Phase 4 yet. However, it has been hinted by Marvel about who will carry the forward Tony Shark’s Legacy.

Howard Stark Actor Dominic Cooper Wants To Play Tony Stark, But ...
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Yes, Marvel has already given hints about Tony’s replacement through new cover art. In that cover art, it can be seen that the Daredevil is donning the Iron Man helmet. And the colour of the original cover has been changed into crimson red, and a pair of devil horns can also be seen. It is yet to be confirmed by Marvel whether the fearless Iron Man is going to carry Stark’s torch forward in Phase 4.

Further, few more questions have been jumping in the minds of the fans after seeing the new cover like whether Daredevil be able to use the iron suit to bring his sight back. So, looks like fans might have to wait a little more to know till Marvel confirms the person behind carrying forward the legacy of Tony Shark.

Other Details:

Though the replacement for Tony Shark has not been declared, however, other characters, all the six Avengers have been replaced, and their alternatives have already been revealed. Here’s everything you need to know:

Jane Foster is going to be the next Thor, Steve Rogers has finally passed the shield, and Yelena Belova will play the mantle of the Captain America to Sam Wilson and the new Black Widow. Also, it has been reported that Kate Bishop and She-hulk are going to debut in Phase 4 to take over the role of Hawkeyes and Hulk respectively.

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