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Inmate Accused Of Attacking R Kelly Killed Two People With A Hammer!

A suspect who attacked R. Kelly in his cell last month claimed that “the government made me attacked

Jeremiah Farmer, 39, also wrote that he attacked Kelly, 53, on August 26, “hoping to get everyone’s attention and global news coverage to shed some light on” government corruption. The sources revealed that Farmer, who represents himself, made the revelation in a six-page document filed in the United States Seventh Court of Appeals.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, confirmed to the officers that Farmer was the cellmate who tried to harm the singer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC). Initial reports suggested that the inmate attacked Kelly because the detention center had been blocked a couple of times due to people protesting on the street for Kelly’s release.

The suspect attempted to attack the singer

Greenberg previously claimed Farmer sneaked into Kelly’s cell while he was sleeping and stepped on his head. He also claimed that the inmate, who had “F*** the Feds” tattooed on his face, had a pen and intended to stab the singer.

A prison officer reportedly used pepper spray to stop the attack. After the incident, Farmer was shifted in solitary confinement.

The farmer said that after some conversation he was told, “Come on, do it then”, prompting him to leave and attack Kelly, despite being ordered to stop.

The history of suspect with the crime

Farmer, a member of the Latin Kings organization, was convicted last year for a racketeering plot involving the 1999 murders of 74-year-old Marion Lowry and 67-year-old Harvey Sieger. He was initially accused of beating men to death with a hammer in their car. business.

At one point, Farmer told police he intended to confess to the double murder, as he wanted to die by lethal injection.

Charges for the crime

reportedly Farmer and five other suspected gang members were initially charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering and conspiracy to distribute and possess for distribution of cocaine, marijuana, and Xanax.

Although Farmer was charged with the murders of Lowry and Sieger, he was ultimately convicted of extortion conspiracy involving the deaths of men.


Additionally, Kelly is facing multiple federal charges in New York for alleged herpes infection, racketeering, and human trafficking of a woman and a minor for physical exploitation, who have reportedly crossed state borders.

In August 2019, Kelly was charged with two charges of prostitution with a person under the age of 18 in Minnesota in connection with an alleged 2001 incident.

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