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Hulu Released The Trailer For The Upcoming Animated Series Crossing Swords

Here is all that a subscriber of Hulu needs to know about its upcoming show, Crossing Swords!

The streaming service provider Hulu has now released a trailer for its upcoming show called Crossing Swords. It is an animated series and derives its idea from other shows like Robot Chicken along with Super Mansion.

Crossing Swords has been produced by John Harvatine IV as well as Tom Root and it is going to premiere this Friday, that is, the 12th of June 2024. The audience was made clear from the point in time when everything began that these specific Peg People toys which have been made for preschool children are really not for them, instead, it is for adults only. Even when one sees the official trailer of this animated series, they start wondering what is going happen when the show actually comes out because the trailer is NSFW.

Here is what the story of Crossing Swords is all about!

The series, Crossing Swords, throws the entire spotlight on a guy named Patrick. This person is a peasant with a good heart and he lands on a coveted position of a squire in the royal castle.

This position used to be his dream job but then soon, everything turns into a nightmare almost immediately when he comes to acknowledge that his beloved kingdom has been run by a group of very horny monarchs, crooks as well as charlatans.

Everything happened to be even worse when Patrick’s valor made him look like the black sheep in his own family while his siblings who have done horrific crimes, return to his house for making his life truly miserable.

Here is what the trailer of Crossing Swords depicts!

The trailer of this new show depicts all kinds of content which is NSFW. This fact includes extreme bondages that are between a bunch of Peg People. All this while, the new look at the show, Crossing Swords, goes more into the story deciphered by Patrick and pulls back at some of our fantasy tropes.