How Do Bet Credits Work in Bet365?

Betting on sports has really come a long way since its initial appearance. Decades ago it was uncontrolled, without any laws and regulations, and often tied to illegal activities. It was done in taverns and organized by whomever wanted to host it. Nowadays, it is all about the online world and betting on sports using the internet. There are so many benefits, programs, and incentives for the players to bet a certain way, to choose a certain betting platform, and to pick a certain type of bet.

Betting on sports is a whole industry that serves hundreds of millions of passionate sports fans as well as sports betting enthusiasts. In such a diverse market it can be difficult for a newcomer to get the hang of things. There is certainly a lot to unpack which is why we decided to tackle one of the things and help you along the way. If you are just not starting your sports betting journey, you should know about bet credits. Read on to learn more about this and be sure to check out Bet365 for the best bet credit opportunities.

What They Mean


Before using them and learning how they work, you first must be familiar with what they represent and why they are referred to as credit. Bet credit is credit you get for free that can be used instead of your own money. In other words, it is additional funds that are added to your betting account that you can use to make bets just like you would with the money you have deposited. Once you go through the credits you can always go back to your own cash. The reason for the credits’ existence is to attract and reward new players, as well as for the bettors to risk less money on their way to making more.

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Getting them and Using Them


So how can one get more bet credits in Bet365 and how do you even get any amount at all? Well, once you register and open your account for the first time, all you need to do is make a qualifying deposit of $5, or the same amount in a different currency. After that, you are able to claim the credits in the next 30 days that match your amount at least 100%, in certain situations as much as 500%. The maxi is usually set and it is around $50.

When you claim the credits, they are stored as your account balance. However, this money is not available for withdrawals and can only be used to place bets. You can only make withdrawals of your winnings, i.e. the money you win using the additional balance from the credit. In order to actually use the credits in the bets you need to wager the value of your initial deposit. So if you deposited $5, you need to place $5 in bets before the credits become available to you. Again, you have 30 days to do this, otherwise the credits will expire. Once you make this initial bet that matches your first deposit, all of the credits will be released into your account as balance and you can finally use them whenever and however.

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