5 Football Betting Strategies That You Should Actually Avoid

Betting on sports events, especially football, is one of the most popular options. It can be very exciting when you are watching a game where you are waiting for a specific result so you can win money. Also, we have to mention that the chances of winning can be much better in sports betting.

However, it is important to be aware of the factors that could affect the results. When it comes to football, the most important things to check are current rank, head-to-head score, form, weather condition, the importance of the following game, potential injuries, and missing key players.

Another important thing is to choose the right betting site. You should compare the selection of games and odds since it can represent a big difference in the amount of money you can win. Also, keep in mind that many betting sites are offering some promo features where you can get free funds when you register there. If you are interested in this option, visit bet360.

After you find the website with the right selection of games and decent odds, the essential part is to create a good strategy. You will need good money management as well. Also, be aware that there are plenty of mistakes possible when betting on sports events. Here are some common strategies to avoid when betting on football.

1. Relying Only On Favorites in All Leagues


It can always be a good option to combine a couple of games where the favorites will most certainly win. However, finding such games can be much harder than it seems. Therefore, if you are only looking for fixes with small odds, keep in mind that it is not always so secure.

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Always consider other factors and keep in mind that surprises are always possible. For instance, if you are not following some league, like MLS in the USA, or the Russian Premier League, you should avoid betting on these games, even on most probable favorites.

For example, you can place a bet on Zenit when they are playing against some club in lower part of the league. Still, repeating this all the time will increase chances for losing a ticket. You will have to do a proper research for each game week.

2. Betting Only On Teams You Like

We understand that it can be very interesting when you are watching your favorite team and waiting for it to win so you can win money at the same time. The problem is that people are often getting too emotional when they are betting on their favorite teams.

That might lead to a bad decision where you will spend more money even when the chances are not so great for your club. As we already mentioned, the crucial part of successful betting is proper research. If you think that the following game of your club is more challenging, you should avoid it.

3. Making Decisions Only According to Provided Odds


It is a well-known fact that bookies are using advanced methods to calculate and provide odds. In most cases, these odds represent quite an accurate indicator of the game. However, it doesn’t always need to be the case. For example, an odd 1.4 on the home team means that the chances for that club are much higher to win. The more favorable one team is, the odds will be even lower.

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Still, simply collecting a bunch of odds that are under 1.30 is not a great option since there is a chance for surprises. We can see that many people who are trying this method and combine more than 5 or even 10 games don’t win so often. In that matter, use the proper analysis, and combine only three to four games to get odd that is around 2. This is the best way for a progressive strategy where you can double the money each time.

4. Thinking That You Are An Expert

This can be a huge mistake. No matter for how long you are following this sport along with various leagues, it is very difficult to predict a lot of games at once. It can be challenging even with more probable outcomes where the home teams are expected to win without any issues. If you are trying to catch some surprise with bigger odds, research and knowledge can be helpful, but it will require some luck as well.

That is especially the case when you are playing on goals, like the system where you think that there will be at least two goals on both halves, or even harder bet, where you are trying to predict the changes between the halves. For example, the home team will lead at the half, but the game will end as even. Scoring such predictions will bring you a lot of money. However, placing a lot of funds here is never advised since the chances are very low.

5. Forcing Betting During Live Events


We can notice that many players who prefer live events are finding themselves in the same issues. The advantage of betting on some games after the start is that you can watch the players and make some decisions according to that. However, the problem is when they seem to be playing an open game, which leads to the conclusion that there will be a lot of goals. The problem is that many players find it hard to give up from repeating the same bet.

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For example, you played that there will be two goals in the first half. However, it is already 30 minutes since the start, and there are no goals. The odds are not increasing and might think that repeating the same option can bring you even more money. However, the problem is when you fail. Therefore, maybe the best option is to try to defend your bet by playing the opposite and focus on returning the money.

Last Words

It is essential to keep in mind that there is no way to come up with a strategy that will help you predict the correct results all the time. Luck is always an important factor. However, proper analysis and money management can help you to secure a profit over time.

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Kane Dane

Written by Kane Dane