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How Ant Man Could Introduce X-Men In MCU?

It seems like after Disney acquired 21st Century Fox’s assets, there has been am a string of change in the films and series. While some films are yet to be renewed under the new studio in charge, there can be some significant benefits from the acquisition as well. Let us look into one of the most fundamental theories that fans came up with!

Is MCU Planning To Bring The X- Men In The World Of Marvel Superheroes?

After Disney got Fox’s assets, the full rights of X- Men might be going into the hands of the Marvel Universe! As significant, it may sound there’s a high chance of some. Of the X- Men characters making an appearance in some of the Marvel movies soon enough.

There Might Be A Strong Possibility, And The Foundation Might Also Be Laid!

While there’s no official word on this from the Marvel Universe members, it seems like one of the Marvel movies has already laid down the foundation for the crossover! In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet acquires some new powers which allow her to experiment with quantum energy, and this can open doors of the full range of skills seen in the X- Men. While it seems like the foundation is pretty much laid for the team, another upcoming Marvel movie might make it into a reality.

Moreover, it seems like the Marvel Universe is using Quantum Realm to bring back of the superhuman powers as well. There was a reported rumor of the upcoming Arvel movie The Eternals, making the X-Men team debut in the Marvel universe as well. Fans are surely way too excited, thinking that this might be a possibility over time.

The X- Men Might Team Up With The Eternals!

Not to forget that both The Eternals and The X- Men mutants have a pretty much similar story. Their introduction into the world of Marvels can be a considerable possibility only through their crossover with the Eternals. Fans surely would love to see such a big team up on the big screens for sure.

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