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Hellraiser Reboot: What’s The Update On Its Release Date, Cast, And Story

Hellraiser has long awaited the return of its former glory. While the first two Hellraiser movies are all-time classics, scenes that spent more than two decades in video sequel land have significantly diminished the brand’s name, dispelling much of the mystery that was once a property created by Clive Barker It is surrounded by

This does not mean that Hellraiser is not yet a big fan. The first two movies are still very good over the years, and Pinhead remains an iconic figure in horror history. The franchise has plenty of question marks surrounding the new developments right now, as, in Dimension Films’ low budget, the cash sequel got so bad that even some of Hellraiser’s hottest fans took each other away. the left watching the new installment. Can the denizens of hell overcome this suffering? Horror fans are waiting for this to happen.

Release date of the Hellraiser movie reboot

The reboot of the movie Hellraiser, or at least in its current incarnation, has seen several attempts over the past decade to bring Hellraiser to theaters, officially announced by Spyglass Entertainment in May 2019.

In April 2024, things quieted down after that, when it was announced that David Bruckner (The Signal, V / H / S) was directing the film from a script written by the pair of Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. Joe Bruckner’s latest film, The Night House. Unfortunately, the Hellraiser movie reboot is still early enough that a release date isn’t available yet, and thanks to Coronavirus, production may not start for some time.

Hellraiser Reboot Announces Director, Writers | CBR
Source: CBR

It’s worth noting that the reboot Bruckner’s is a budget of $ 14 million, a very respectable sum for a horror movie, and an amount that dwarfs any previous Hellraiser movie by a substantial margin, making it the most. A reboot can happen with moving parts. excessive.

Description of the Hellraiser movie reboot story

At this point, absolutely no stories have been revealed about the Spyglass Hellraiser movie reboot. The Cenobites and their Pinhead leader will, of course, be involved, but beyond that, no one yet knows. Goyer & Co. would probably be sensible and wouldn’t try to remake Barker’s original novel, The Hellbound Heart, because no adaptation would be more suitable than one written and directed by Barker himself. As mentioned earlier, the creative possibilities with the Hellraiser world are basically endless.

The Hellraiser divided critics but earned enough among horror fans to attribute many of its sequels. However, you can’t guess how true Bruckner’s team will be for Brooker’s source material. As soon as concrete information comes out, we will make sure to report it here.

The cast we can expect in Hellraiser reboot

Although no official news about the cast has been released yet, we know a lot about the behind-the-scenes talent. This is good news for fans, as Night House sported a crackerjack script, and a couple of recent Hellraiser sequels have left little to be desired in the writing department.

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